Monday, February 9, 2009


brontologik4 (version 4.1 beta22) written by pyrolator

a composing system (made for ableton live), including:

6 layer sending midi data (pitch, velocity and 2 controller)
1 layer starting clips in ableton live
8 variations each layer
8 modes (for each layer) to manipulate and arrange pitch, velocity, controller, scales, transpose, key, pattern length, randomness and probability of playing. load and save single pattern or complete data

you need:

- a monome 256

sorry, no other versions planned, not scalable to smaller models.

- monome serial

prefix /bronto

- a fast computer (mac)

I am running it on a Intel 2.2 (MacbookPo) and it takes 3 Minutes to load…
On my G5 it takes over 10 minutes to load, no fun…….

- max/msp5 runtime

- synthesizer or a DAW

written for using it with ableton live, but also might be well working with external synths.

download here (rapidshare)

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